sorting out the past

I’m always reminding myself that my photo work is only for fun, that I shouldn’t feel any pressure about getting it “done”. Because of course, it will never, ever be done! At least not my horrendously long list…

When I started using Bridge to sort them (a component of Photoshop), I set up about 20 folders to sort them into. Then I started renaming them to make them show up in a certain order for large slide shows. At that time we were using the Appletv to show them on our large screen (that particular “large” just seems normal size now). Dad is my Supplier, scanning in all the old photos for Mom’s scrapbooking, and then scanning in the scrapbooking pages as well. Whenever relatives come to visit, we put the slide-shows on in the background. It was set up with several folders in a few main folders, so it would go for quite awhile before you’d see the same picture again.

I spent a few summers sorting Dad’s scans into the folders, and then spent some more time going through to clean out the folders a little (“Do I really need this picture?”)… since of course the originals are kept elsewhere. Then came the cameras that took photos in the right shape to fill the whole screen (wide screen), and I began to feel kind of irritated every time I saw a square picture. So about a year ago I started a new “revamp” of my photos (my Mac says I have 10,000 of them!) Many of the scanned-in photos need cropping anyway, and if I can find a reason to put two square ones beside each other, that makes it nice and wide, to show up better on my screen!

Anyway, I was about half-way through this last revamping, when software/hardware things changed. Now all my photos have to be streamed to the large screen through my iPhone, so they have to be added to iPhoto. The problem is that the slideshows there only play one folder, not folders within folders. So I get to reorganize my whole folder-system! (This is actually a good thing–getting it down to 12 folders from the 20.) I’ve now caught up to that halfway point I was at in the last revamping, so it’s taking a little longer to get a folder ready for iPhoto.

The one I’m working on presently is “Groups”–over 500 photos of groups of people, from around 1925 to the present! Kids lined up, adults, families, large groups, kids from Club, etc. etc. The first ones in the folder are groups of three, then of more than 3, then the ones that are in a straight line, groups in front of cars, and on it goes.

Here’s an example of square pictures that I put together: Dad and his brother and sister ready to go to school, and me & my brothers ready to go to school. The colour one is taken from inside our living room window, where we used to live in Quebec.

03 stand 1971 school

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  1. Ken Woodhouse says:

    I find deleting photos simplifies the process. There are drawbacks to that approach though….

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