SCANDALOUS: this poem was written for the boyfriend I had before my husband! But it’s one of the very few I’ve written that actually rhymes… as to that, for poets like me, rhyming usually means it’s, well… not deep. ;)

Joseph was a guy I’d met on one of these school-exchange things–he came from Nova Scotia and stayed at our home; we continued a correspondence (remember that word?) and he came to visit a few times.

That West Wind, Joe…

Sun rising on a summer breeze,
The winds blow where they please;
But if towards the East it goes,
Perhaps this air that past me flows
Will touch your face today,
So many miles away.
So if you feel a strange, soft touch–
Remember that I love you much,
For I blew across the land a kiss,
Trusting the wind not to miss!
Sun rising on an Autumn Dawn,
The summer winds have gone.
And if good friends in winter sleep,
My heart a place will always keep
For letters in the Spring,
Whatever news they’ll bring.
So if you’ve joined the sleeping crowd,
I’ll understand and not be loud–
Just be sure that I’ve not made you mad,
And tell me so, or I’ll be sad!

By the way, my husband actually met Joseph after we were married, and decided he had nothing to worry about, lol. And did I write any poetry for Rej, you ask? Well, um…. I’ll have to see if any of that is printable… :P


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