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In my reading this morning was the story of Jesus feeding the four thousand, and something “new” jumped out at me: he was really concerned about the fact that they were hungry! What did I think, that he just did it because he could? Well, it’s obvious that it touched him that they’d stuck with him for three days, and they were still there even though they’d run out of food by now.

But perhaps the idea that Jesus cared about them eating jumped out at me this morning, because I was so hungry! We’ve been trying one of these “fad diets”, that seems to work at first… you lose lots, but then it comes back on pretty quickly. After the first little while, it starts to feel like it’s “all that sacrifice for nothing”. It was good for a “quick start” though. And I may as well admit which one: the Three Day Diet. Apparently the only one that is not documented with some kind of book!

Thing is, I’m so close to my “goal” weight–just SIX more pounds! Mind you, that weight is still far more than the apparent “ideal weight” I’m supposed to be, 10 lbs more, in fact. I’m simply aiming not to be obese, overweight is OK! In fact, I heard recently that people who are overweight are often healthier… I think they can survive viruses easier, among other things. For me, the ideal weight makes my face too skinny… and I’m soon getting to the point where it would also show up the wrinkles more, I think!

So, with all these interesting “fad diets” out there, what should I try next? It won’t be anything involving a lot of work, or a lot of sacrifice–I’m done with that! (And I hear you saying that it’s hopeless in that case! :P)  If necessary, I’ll simply go back to not thinking about my weight, but just aiming at being fit.

Almost finished Week 2 of this season’s Rookie Run Training!

viewer with chinsLOL–this picture came in upside down!! Kinda fits anyway… “crazy cathie, signing out”! LOL

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