yet we may be broken

OY, this is such great stuff! I usually use that term to refer to scripture, but this poem is using scripture. In fact, the title is a quote from Malachi 3:2–“…for who can endure the day of his coming?” The day she (and the scripture) is referring to is more than just the Second Coming, or even the First Coming, as you’ll see. I’m only copying the second verse here for you (guessing at indents). Love the ending! For indeed, we are “proud, cracked” places, and it can be fearful when we’re first opening up to the Coming-in-our-Hearts…

in our nights our
        complicated modern dreams rarely
               flower into visions. No
           contemporary Gabriel
          dumbfounds our worship, or burning,
visits our bedroooms. No
sign-post satellite hauls us, earth-bound but
star-struck, half
           around the world with hope.
Are our sensibilities
     too blunt to be assaulted
           with spatial power-plays and far-out
proclamations of peace? Sterile,
skeptics, yet we may be broken
    to his slow silent birth
            (new-torn, new-
             born ourselves at his
                  beginning new in us).
His bigness may still burst
         our self-containment
to tell us–without angels’ mouths–
fear not.
God knows we need to hear it, now
        when he may shatter
        with his most shocking coming
this proud cracked place
and more if, for longer waiting,
               he does not.

As I’ve said before, when we come to that fearful, broken place–it’s a beautiful thing.

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