FINALLY finished fixing up my Groups folder of pictures! Got it down to 466 from almost 600, a lot of it by putting two or three photos together. It could have had even more, but a lot of group pictures go into the Weddings folder. It WILL have even more…

Next on the clean-up list is the “Faces” folder of photos, which presently stands at 550. Some of these will actually go into the Groups folder… it’s hard to decide between the two sometimes–just how close-up does it have to be for the “Faces” label? After all, I do have a filename for “close” in the groups section… perhaps for this one:

Dad, Angele & CrystalI guess I thought they were making such cute faces, that I should put them in that folder.

There will likely be some I’ll decide not to keep. For example, I’m tempted to delete this one that is so hard to look at:

Crystal, face scrapedPoor Crystal! (Obviously, she fell somewhere!)

There are a lot of pictures in this folder of one person, which fit here better than anywhere else, as long as the photo doesn’t include their whole body. This is where all the “school photos” are. And of course, the really fun part–tons of FUNNY faces, like this one:

dad making face, beer in ear, striped shirt and hatI think he was just trying to match the attire! :D

The funny ones get labelled according to some of these things: hat, mouth, hair, glasses (like large glasses on babies, etc.).

Well, as long as the Blue Jays don’t keep losing intolerably, we’ll keep putting the games on–which is when I work on these photos. So we’ll see how long it takes! First though, I’d better get caught up on the 70-odd recent photos!


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