no matter how much you lock yourself up…

Reading over the next two poems in Luci Shaw’s Listen to the Green, I don’t feel like copying them over, but the message in each is really neat.

The first one talks about trying to get through to God, and it’s like a phone call where you just can’t seem to make the connection. A knock comes at the door, and you ignore it at first, too busy trying to make your phone call. Then you realize that it could be “him calling on me“… We’re so often looking for some kind of special word, or feeling, that we miss the everyday things “knocking at the door” so to speak. Those things can be needs that we should respond to, or simple blessings to be thankful for. As we respond, perhaps God will give us the answer (whatever the answer is) that we seek.

The second one gives the picture of the disciples locked in the upper room, on that dark morning a couple of days after the crucifixion. “Doubt padlocked one door… Fear chinked all the cracks and Blindness boarded up the window…” Defeated and fearful as they were, Jesus was still able to get through… hallelujah that it’s still true today!!

So now for the one I am going to copy–a nice short, rhyming one, fitting for this season, and fitting end to this post:


God dug his seed
into dry dark earth.
after a pushing up
in hopeful birth
and healing bloom
and garland grace
he buried it again
in a darker place
Twice rudely-planted seed,
root, rise in me
and grow your green again,
your fruited tree.
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