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There are quite a few articles to read about stuff that you just feel “there’s nothing I can do”. But you keep reading them, it seems that at least you can do that.

For example, I just read one about Christians being persecuted in Egypt. Flitting through my mind as I read, is the thought that I can barely understand these political things, much less talk about them. But these particular newsletters have a new section at the end, a “what you can do” section. And this one says “You can tweet, blog, or write…” Humph, I think to myself, yes I can do that, for the 4 people who read me…

Well, but… what if ONE other person who reads my blog tells ONE other person, who happens to be someone who can tell a bunch of people, or who can really make a difference?

I heard once, that it really means a lot to persecuted Christians, just to know that there are others who are praying for them, that there are people who know. So even if we could somehow just get everyone talking, and let word get ’round to them, somehow… (Is it possible? I can be pretty simple-minded, I know, but with technology these days… )

So… (for example) pray for the Coptic Christians who were attacked by a mob as they left a funeral in Egypt, because they were protesting the killing of four Christians. Pray for Pastor Saeed, “who has been wrongly imprisoned and physically abused in Iran for months”. Pray for his wife Naghmeh, who was on “Breakpoint This Week” a couple of weeks ago. Also, you could go to Breakpoint to find more information, including a list of other organizations who are fighting on behalf of the persecuted.

I prefer to talk about happier things, most of the time. That’s what everyone wants. But… is it always right?


“If one member [of Christ’s Body] suffers, all suffer together.” (1 Corinthians 12:26)

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