star shifting, light lifting

My small circle of “support” here is very positive and affirming of me, yet I do wonder sometimes (as you’ve noticed) what I’m doing here, presumptuously thinking anyone would want to read what I’m writing. And I always remind myself that I do it for myself… in fact, lately I’ve been sorting poems for my own future use (as you’ve noticed!) And it’s Public just in case anyone else might like it.

Anyway, all that just because the poem that comes up next is so perfect! (For whenever I’m wondering these things…) The title kinda throws you at first, but it helps to clarify things as you begin to read it. LOVE all the rhyming and alliteration in this! sssssss!! ;)

Lucifer now

Breasting the word wind
nocturnal, sleek skinned
under star shifting, light lifting
sky talking, sun walking
slyly he slips
and slant eyed surveys
my thought thrusting, brain bursting
paining and gaining
soul spinning
at an idea’s beginning.
When the words at its heel
he cooly stares
  “What’s so special and fine–“
silver lips grin, thin, dawn dim
   “–about poems and prayers?”
Sweating I shout at him
   “Special? fine? why, mine
   is just born
  and an answer is mine!”
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