Time for one of my own poems by now, don’t you think? I’m not sure if I wrote this while I was actually pregnant, or if it was when I was just dreaming about being pregnant… because I did dream about it for 8 years before it actually happened, you know! Now remember, I’m no Luci Shaw!

Feel it Kick!

The mystery of one plus one
Being one.
A love-happening, love-creation,
love resulting
    in Life;
newly forming,
  growing, showing,
kicking Life
deep inside you,
I feel it kicking, too.
The mystery of tall trees
contained in tiny seeds.
A seasonal happening, but always new,
kicking, pushing through
from deep inside you, Earth.
I feel it kicking, too.
A love-happening,
 love resulting
  in death, death
resulting in Life and Life eternal;
newly bursting
    bubbling Life
inside me,
    deep down inside me,
     I feel it kicking!

bright sun in blue sky

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