True, and Lovely

Man, I sure wish it would rain, so I could get some work done. NOT! If it rains, it means I have to work… who wants that!

Nah, I’d rather sit here and let you see on the outside, what’s going on in the inside. That’s integrity, according to Rick Warren. Of course, he also says that it’s hypocrisy if you know what’s right to do, and don’t do it. Actually, his words are “if we know the truth and don’t do it”, so you can see how integrity comes in. Truth is, I shouldn’t be so lazy, right? But, the Truth is, if I was going to Meet My Maker tomorrow, I certainly wouldn’t be saying “I wish I’d gotten that Spring cleaning done!”

~No segue~ In this Month for Mothers, why not consider this mom:

Mary’s Song

Blue homespun and the bend of my breast
keep warm this small hot naked star
fallen to my arms. (Rest…
you who have had so far
to come.) Now nearness satisfies
the body of God sweetly. Quiet he lies
whose vigor hurled
a universe. He sleeps
whose eyelids have not closed before.
His breath (so slight it seems
no breath at all) once ruffled the dark deeps
to sprout a world.
Older than eternity, now he
is new. Now native to earth as I am, nailed
to my poor planet, caught that I might be free,
blind in my womb to know my darkness ended,
brought to this birth
for me to be new-born,
and for him to see me mended
I must see him torn.

bright sun in blue sky

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