Truth can be fun!

We trust everyone was able to enjoy that fantastic weekend we just had! AND… the Blue Jays won, and won ‘good’!! (“Won well”?) Sam says he should go to games more often, if it’s going to make them win. :D

Continuing on the bright, fun side of things, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this, whether or not you’re a poetry-minded type!


If roads went nowhere
and rain fell dry,
if birds crawled low
and worms flew high,
if faces were flat
and the midday sky
looked always dark
and the sun shone square,
if beauty were costly
and God unfair
if densest earth
were as thin as air,
if clocks went backwards
and grass grew blue
and lions were happiest
in the zoo
and five were the sum
of two and two
would you be me?
might I be you?
How would we think
if all sprouts grew down
and the sea churned pink
and the clouds turned brown
and God’s face were fixed
in an awful frown?
I’m thankful, I’m thankful
(are you too?)
that grass is green
and sky is blue
and sun is round
and fact is true
and we can count on
and God is good
and beauty free
and, for the sake of
our sanity,
that you are you
and I am me.

user looking outWell, come to think of it… was that a fun way to talk about Absolute Truth? I wouldn’t have thought of it, except for the title…

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