Wow-wow-wow! Everything is just Bursting with Bloom out there! With these warm temps, I had to go for my run early this morning, and I saw hyacinths, tulips, bleeding hearts, magnolia trees, cherry trees, apple trees, wood violets… even some Lindens were already dripping their blossom-buds! And of course, if it wasn’t blossoms, it was baby-green fluffiness.

The bright side

why is it
always such a surprise
when good erupts
from bad?
you should know–
trouble seduces sympathy
like when
you broke your leg
and boys swarmed bee-like
with autographs
to sweeten a heroine’s plaster
next time
please expect
to charm stars
from snowstorms
butter from
sour milk and
from mud

Oh yeah, I saw daffodils too. ;)

Speaking of truth, more neat things from Rick Warren. You know the saying, “God said it, I believe it, that settles it”? It should be “God said it, and that settles it–whether I believe it or not”! Because of course, God’s truth is true no matter what. So, as he says, you should “doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs”. :)


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