Ball game fun

Sheesh, I rather “flooded” facebook last night… a couple of shares, a couple of photos, a couple of status-updates about the ball game! The one share was a friend’s photo of a mother goose looking after her goslings in the middle of the “concrete jungle” in Toronto! And of course, I work on photos during the game, so that explains the rest. (Hmmmm… forgot about a photo-work request from my dad!)

As I’ve said before, a lot of my photo-work is putting square pictures together, to fit the rectangular screen better. In my “Faces” folder, there are a LOT of school pictures. Now, I keep reminding myself that I don’t want to put pictures together unless they actually “go” together… which means some of them remain the little squares that they are. Sometimes it’s tricky to figure out if they should go together. Sometimes I put two together and then change my mind and go back to keeping the single ones instead. This one, for example, is easy:

school 1961 and 1978This is mother & her firstborn, my aunt and her daughter. There are 17 years between the two photos (and they’re probably about 17 years old in each one!), which is why I kept just the one in black & white, to show the time difference (sometimes I would make the colour photo black & white); though I did put in a bit of a colour filter in the older one, to help it match the other a bit.

In this same “school” category, I came across several photos I wanted to put together… thought & thought about it… no, they don’t really have very much in common… Decided against it… then changed my mind!

Dad about gr. 4, Sam gr. 1 or 2See what I mean–my dad is a fair bit older than my son in this one, but something about them just made me want to put them together, and I love it! Maybe you can tell me why? :)

me 2 yrs, Sam SK or gr. 1Again in this one, Sam is older than that 2-yr. old photo of me… but the hair is similar? And we’re both looking in the same direction… :P Anyway, the photo of me is too small (blurry when blown any bigger) to be by itself. (Lion King memories in the frame around Sam’s photo!)

One more:

Sonnie & Sam both kindergartenFinally in this one, both boys are in kindergarten, though Sam MAY be a bit older, not sure. And they both have that little bit of “bangs” in the middle of their forehead. My brother Albert sure looks like he needs a hug though eh? Love that expression! And the colouring just happened to match.


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