Young moms: don’t waste a drop!!

This is what I did when my baby was growing up… I remember taking many moments just enjoying him–learning to walk, talk, etc., or just enjoying how sweet he was. So thankful sometimes for my willingness to be lazy! I should tag every young mom I know… but I think they are aware of this:

To a Young Mother

These are precious, precious moments,
Let delight shine in your eyes;
Drown your tears in pools of laughter;
They’re gone before you realize.
Each day brings a special rainbow
That only you can see;
You have your wealth, your pot of gold;
Carry it exultantly.
These are days of vintage wine
To be slowly sipped and tasted.
Hold your goblet carefully,
Lest one tiny drop be wasted.
Like treasured notes and photographs,
Store these moments safely away,
Tenderly and lovingly,
To be unwrapped another day.
(Naomi Higgs)
Ava and tiffany

Hey, that really fits with the fact that I just shared some photos in my last post! And speaking of memories… You know, God sure provides just what you need. You may remember that I’ve been doing some regular nursing home-visiting, well, one lady just passed away last Sunday. Although we’ve known her for around 30 years at our church, she’s been in the home quite awhile, and it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve been visiting her.

She wasn’t totally “with it”, but she did remember Sam as a little boy, at first, and asked about him. And she was always cheerful and loving, and so loved our visits (a more recent friend often accompanied me). The frustrating thing is that we don’t have any contact with the family, and there hasn’t been any information about the funeral as yet (but maybe I’m just being impatient). So I woke up early this morning thinking about her, and wondering if anyone else from the church really misses her, remembering the last time I saw her, etc.  Then when I got up and checked my email–there was a lovely note of comfort from a precious friend! (Who thinks that someone who was only a nursing-home-visitor needs any comfort? But it’s also something she does, pastoral care visits.)

Bear with me, it was such a lovely thing she said that I just want to keep it: “I know you were close to her with all the visiting you’ve done – you must be feeling sad at the loss of a friend, but happy for her that she now sees perfectly and the first face she saw was the face of our Lord!” (emphasis mine… Ila had lost her sight many years ago). Then she even asked me when I saw her last, giving me a chance to “vent”.  :)


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