cup days

Lilacs on my table… means I could not. possibly. be happier!! What a PERFECT thing for Mother’s Day! I picked them last night on my run, during one of the walking-intervals. Don’t go thinking I cheated, because I feel sore this morning, for the first time in awhile–so I must have run faster to make up for the 30-second stop.

I’ve been wanting to make notes on last Sunday’s sermon, but maybe for now I’ll just mention one thing that I actually have put into practice. I’m always looking for ways of making sure I don’t skip out on prayer-time. You know how you can get into the habit of “skimming” things, to try and get them done quickly (something like how my dad reads over the “religious” parts of my blog, LOL–“real fast”); well, that’s somewhat how my brain goes when it’s prayer-time. A powerful weapon like prayer is always the Enemy’s first line of attack, of course (besides my own fault in the matter).

Rebecca showed us a couple of things last week, that she sometimes uses to keep her focused when she’s praying. One is a cross she holds in her hand, the other is a Jewish prayer shawl. It gave me the idea of finding something to actually hold in my hand while I’m praying. (Of course, one could always get down on one’s knees!) It would even be fun to change the item according to season, since my brain tends to “tune things out” after they’ve been around for awhile.

My first item is a small stoneware cup. You know, “fill my cup… help me overflow to others…” etc. It reminds me how much my cup already overflows, too. And wouldn’t you know it, the last couple of Henri Nouwen devotionals have been about relating spiritual truths to your life as a “cup”!

A mother’s life certainly overflows–with work, as well as blessing. But I also take some time right now, to pray for those missing their moms, or worse–whose moms neglected them.


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