frost warning!

HA! I was going to save this next Luci Shaw poem for the Fall, but it actually will fit here well enough! :D

First flurry

The white on the windshield
is, variously,
organdy-flocking; stars
stuck on a sky; (a cold cliché
but see, there they are,
poised and six-pointed,
plain as night!)
asterisks, footnoting
with soft insistence
the sweeping syntax of
new wiper blades;
blotting paper soaking up
stop light signatures
marked on  melting streets.
Of course
all I’m seeing is
November’s first flurry.
I’ll feel differently
about falling snow
next March.

Or, perhaps, “next May”!! But, in all those flurries, we were towing the trailer back to our driveway, to prepare for the new Camping Season–so cheer up! And, as soon as Leaf Nation loses the hockey game tonight, Hell can stop freezing over! :D

bright sun in blue sky

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