how to change your feelings

OK, cheer up everyone, warmer weather is coming! As a friend says, Hell is warming up now that the Leafs have lost… it’s not freezing over anymore. :D My brother actually called that disaster last night–he was just telling me how his Sens won when they pulled their goalie, tied it up, and won in overtime, and then it happened! I always feel so bad for the players, but I bet the fans actually feel worse. ;)

Now to make up for yesterday’s poem, here’s this one:


changes my

Anyone planting yet? Now that last night’s frost warning is over… I’m looking forward to putting in my begonias. Begonias, begonias, begonias! Rej was quite surprised when I came home after only 20 minutes of shopping at the garden centre the other day. Because that’s all I wanted–these “fibrous” annuals to pretty up my empty spaces. Last year they were all gone by the time I went shopping, so I guess I’m not the only one who likes them.

head shot from Crystal's wedding
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