“like a tree…”

All the “rites of Spring” are slowly getting checked off the list:

  • purse cleaned out and switched to fanny-pack style;
  • we’ve had the first bbq of the season;
  • I’ve been going around in bare feet quite a bit;
  • it’s almost time to use the summer housecoat (have used it once already);
  • the spring run-program is more than half done;
  • the furnace has been off quite a bit, and the back door left open;
  • winter matt taken out, cleaned, put away for winter; front floors thoroughly washed;
  • windows washed, inside & out, upstairs & down;
  • annual plants bought, being put int the ground today hopefully;
  • trailer hauled out of storage, being used this long weekend;
  • already had a few days sitting outside on the deck;
  • picked some lilacs (from public property);
  • from my View at the Window here, watching the Maidenhair Fern open up, and my Elephant plant flourishing; Lily of the Valley is also budding up… noticing right now that I’ll have to pull several weeds today;
  • back yard has already had one mowing, and some weeds have already been pulled.

What’s not to love about this time of year?! Add to that–looking forward to a visit with family this weekend, and watching Pappy in another triathlon!

Speaking of trees… (hold out for the second verse, now…)

Ever green

with an earth-bound angel
with man-made stars
tinsel bound
but touched with
no true gold
girdled with electricity
why be
a temporary tree
when you may be
planted with purpose
in a flowered field
and where
living in clean light
strong air
crowned with the repeated gold
of every evening,
every night
real stars may nest
in your elbow
be found in your shade
in your perennial green
and from deep springs your roots
may suck enough to swell
your nine sweet fruits

My question is, what does she mean by “nine” sweet fruits?? Is that perhaps, nine months of productivity, subtracting the months of winter? Oh well, neat poem anyway!

EDIT: Just figured out the “nine fruits”–see Galatians 5:22-23, lol!

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