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Better make sure this thing still works… ! When you’re retired, you take nice looooong, long weekends. And when you get back from an internet-no-man’s-land, there’s an awful lot of catching up to do. And when you’ve been sick with a Terrible Bug…

THAT flu was unbelievable, how it spread through my family, even cities away! It was one of those coming-out-both-ends, and almost-at-the-same-time things… (TOO much information, I know!) I’ve also never felt so achy with a flu, that I can remember–cold water on the eyes and lots of Advil! But last night I had such a good sleep that I guess I’ll have to stop “milking it for all it’s worth”. :D Thank God Sam was with a Different Family for the weekend–and so far hasn’t gotten it. (He really enjoyed his girlfriend’s family’s cottage–right on a beach!)

We still enjoyed our holiday by the way, in spite of the sick-days. And I don’t really have time to be on here (grocery day), but just have to store this away, it’s so priceless! It’s about Crystal’s twins (3 years old). Faith had to go with her mom to school, since the daycare doesn’t let them back in until they’ve been over the flu for 24 hours. When Hope and Faith met again at the end of the day, they ran and hugged, etc. I’ll quote Crystal directly:

…on the way out to the car they insisted on holding hands and Faith says to Hope “I missed you Hope” and then Hope said it back and then Faith said “I love you” and then Hope said it back…….my heart melted.

Actually as of this week the daycare has started forming 2 groups and they usually put Faith in one group and Hope in the other. The educator told me today that it’s great because they are branching out and meeting new friends and when they pass each other in the hall they ALWAYS stop for a quick hug and an “I love you” and then they go back to being on their way.

And one more totally unrelated quote, from my Rick Warren this morning (I’m way behind, of course!) “The problem we have today is that most people are half committed to two dozen things instead of being totally committed to the one or two things in life that really matter for now and eternity.”

loving twins

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