Who knows?

Just a couple of quick sermon notes… from “long ago” now, since we’ve been away, I’ve been teaching, etc. I was going to uncheck the cross-post to Facebook, but I’m also going to include–in honour of our 34th anniversary–a poem I wrote just before meeting Rej.

Rebecca spoke wonderfully on Psalm 16, which is a wonderful Psalm about the peace and security we have in God. So many great things there, for example: it talks about the fact that “my whole being rejoices” (Psalm 16:9-11). Not just “joy”, but abundant joy–which of course comes from being in the presence of God, being filled with him daily.

This Psalm also talks about faith, about not being moved/shaken/toppled over, in spite of the “night seasons”. As Jesus said, we SHALL have tribulation in this world, but he has overcome the world. And here’s something we sometimes miss: remember “doubting Thomas”? Well, Jesus came back, just to show Thomas the reality of his resurrection! And Jesus often said “you don’t understand now, but later you will understand”. The point is, we don’t have to understand everything, right now.

On to another sermon, Brian this time. All I want to note here (though it was a great sermon as usual), is this statement: “We practice evangelism when we settle our differences”. Remember, Jesus gave us a “new commandment” to love one another, and also said that this is how people will be able to tell that we are his disciples.

Now the poem! Don’t know if I can copy the style (and you’ll have to forgive the incongruence), but it’s written with the first several words scattered around the page:

Autumn Fever

                                     I see
              is leaves                                                        scattered
                  of the
                                     they resist
my stubborn
                           to gather
them, yet
are                        piled
here, under
me; intoxicating
my every sense
through autumn fragrance,
engulfing my weary body
into a wistful, daydreaming doze–
Who knows?
Maybe tomorrow
       I’ll be in love…
1979 054 IMG_0055
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