That winter I got lost… among other things…

The other day I posted a sentence about running up hills–the great thing is that you get to come down them again. A similar thing is when you’ve been sick (or agonized over someone else being sick): it feels sooooo good to be well again!

Now on to today’s poems. We’re getting to the end of Mine, so you won’t have to “put up” with them much longer! These next two I’m only including because memories are attached to them understand, not because they’re in any way “good poetry”, lol. Plus, they come in line with our anniversary being yesterday.

The second one is a little, well, “x-rated”… using a quote from that “x-rated” Bible verse! :D  First though, the one written when I was just getting to know the Big City.

lost on Sheppard – Jan. 9/79

   searching for warmth,
starving, aching in every muscle,
               and for you…
Hold me awhile, til every chill
   is gone.
 thank you.
How can I thank you
          for this treatment I so needed,
But I can’t thank you
  without wanting to thank you
    for letting me thank you.     :)

“…and they shall be one flesh”

strong voice, important person who
  chose me;
   Handsome male figure,
strong protective shoulders–
room for me there.
sweet lips, kiss
       of anticipation…
arms possessing me–
   keeping me only to yourself,
hot hands warming me,
       breathing body telling me
that this is life–
          a life so
                close beside me,
       joining me,
             inside me–
                      now a part of me
            in complete perfection
                                of creation.

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