Do you know any sullen reprobates?

Sure hope everyone gets a chance to at least poke your head out today. No matter how dark-clouded it looks, the air feels simply wonderful! My June flowers (thymes and Linden) are all getting ready to bust out; don’t know if they can wait three more days!!

It sure is nice to get up in the morning and find all kinds of chatting going on from your friends and loved ones–that’s the beauty of Facebook. The downside is that you get used to that for a few days, and then for several days they don’t say a word. You get up in the morning looking for it, but no one is there. ;) But *I* need to say something first sometimes I suppose. Like I often note, everyone is sometimes waiting for everyone else to say something. Then there are those who very rarely say anything: whether they mean it or not, they’re being “secret”.

OK, enough about that!

How ’bout some Spring? This is a little late, but there are still some new things opening, after all.


A muddy corm
(encouraged by
a south wall and a warm
wet silver shower)
will glow
topaz, in a crocus flower.
Let April show
more wonder–
out of those soft, dull clouds
lightning spears thunder,
living storm
dissolves grey shrouds
of snow,
brown blankets of shaggy sod
turn emerald.
                           Why doubt?
The sullen reprobate,
the sodden clod,
the heart of hate,
the darkened face,
the old,
watered and warmed by grace
may sprout
and grow up green and gold
for God!
pasque flower photo
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