How are YOU celebrating June 1st? I went out to run at 6:30 this morning, which made the coolness out back feel rather wonderful, while sipping the first cup of coffee. But the celebrate part was the boquet of late-lilacs I picked on the cool-down walk home–LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! (I know, I said that before.) It smells SO like Summer Holidays!

One more week of running! Then I’m actually supposed to run a whole 5 K, without stopping??!! Oh well, the idea is to compare each year with the previous one. Didn’t run the whole way last year, didn’t even consider it!

Good thing that will be done (it’s been making me feel like going back to bed!) because some busy things will be starting up after next week:

  • End-of Season Lunch for the Ladies Bible Study
  • End-of-Season bbq for Small Group
  • Congregational Meeting
  • Ham Radio Field Day
  • Visitor from Hearst–taking her to the theatre (The Wizard of Oz)
  • Camping club Pot Luck
  • Long weekend camping booked up north
  • Dustie’s vet appointment

That’s all in June… well, the Long Weekend does start in June after all!

As for exercise, it’ll hopefully be good walks in the mornings, and later in the day my “Boot Camp” workout from SparkPeople, which is a set of strength training exercises that I find really good.

my small pot of begonias

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