Thirty years, and still standing!

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This photo was taken in 1983, so it must be around that time that I wrote this “poem”; in which there is no rhyming or anything, but fun to see the “datedness” of it–who writes letters these days! Plus:

  • we don’t sit around the table to open books or study.
  • to “open books” has quite a different meaning these days!
  • Sam was born 4 years later, so that was certainly a “dream” of the future realized, whereas the “stories unfolding” wasn’t.
  • It was just the other day that I posted a picture of a card game on that table… MANY of those have happened.
Welcome Table. Your many blended
your nostalgic scent of forest
and country–
you make this a Country Home!
Welcome here, to your new life. Stripped
of all the old coats,
your naked beauty
was born of my own
hard labour.
What will you see in this life with us?
How many meals…
       High chairs? Will babies cry in your hearing?
       spilled cups, broken glasses
  fighting, teasing children,
         sticky messes
tea parties, showers
prayer meetings?
How many times will the Bible
be opened on your top?
    I open it now…
card games
long discussions, good friends
baking adventures, sunny afternoons.
Will I often sit here and write
       as I am now–
lengthy letters to friends
      Will poetry be born on your
surface? Will thrilling old country-home style stories unfold?

Other facts about the table:

  • I stripped several coats of paint off of it and then put on several coats of Verathane. Visitors always think they can’t put anything wet on it, but Verathane is quite hardy for anything.
  • It was handed down from relatives & parents, who were quite amazed that it was the same table.
  • Those press-back chairs around it we had dipped, rather than stripping them myself. I hate stripping!
  • We made a middle for it, since the original one was lost. You just have to put on a big table cloth when you’re using the middle. (The table is square in its normal state.) Rej also had to rig up some clips underneath (like for trunk-lids), to keep the two sides together.
  • That table is still in the same place! We also still have some of those chairs (handed down in a similar manner, though not with the table), though they are not around the table.


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