one of my favourite kind of “mines”

It seemed to me that we so rarely pay any attention to poetry, so that’s why I’ve been sharing it so much. Now I’ve just seen that my niece’s son (sounds so much better than “great-nephew”) is learning to write poetry in school (age 9/10). So what I should really say is that *I* rarely pay attention to poetry!

This is such a great way to go through it though (all those long-unopened books I have), filing away my favourites here for future reading–all sorted into seasons. :) And comments included! It’s also interesting to do a search on the author; most of these poets are from a different era, so there’s lots in Wikipedia on them.

One more thing: how often do I get the opportunity to do copy typing, these days!?


Incessant tropic winds that pass
             Bestir the grass,
And whisper in the autumn calm
            The shepherd’s psalm
Of life beyond the somber scene,
Where pasture fields are always green.
Nearby enduring blossoms shine
             From out a mine:
The ruby and the rhodolite
             Without a blight;
The purple, red and yellow quartz
That bloom for ages in the arts.
And, nearer still, a runlet sings
             Of hidden springs;
The constancy of their supply
            That falls from high.
Is’t Immortality that speaks
This faith through zephyrs, rocks and creeks?
by Willis Hudspeth

Funny–my first choice is to call this a “summer” poem; yet it does say “autumn calm”. It just brings me so clearly to green fields (but it means elsewhere, on second glance), warm breezes (“tropic”) and lots of flowers. Yes, this first part of fall that it’s referring to is short enough anyway (some flowers are still “enduring… without a blight”), I think I’ll leave the summer tag.

Oh, and all these wonderful flowers also “bloom for ages” in photographs, going by on my screen saver!

my small pot of begonias

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