Oufff! Finished another big folder of photos, the one with all the cute kids and cute animals. That means six folders down and two more to go! (Not including Christmas, Fall, Winter.)

This last one took longer because I’d caught up to the ones that hadn’t been gone through previously. See, I was going through all my photos to fix them up, and then discovered that I was going to have to switch to iPhoto for displaying them. That process was started with the folders that were already fixed up. But, since things had to be changed anyway, I’ve been reorganizing my folder system–to get it down to 11 folders from over 20. Some of my new folders have 400+ pictures in them, and some 700+.

It was fun deciding which of the previous folders to put together; for example: Pairs and Valentines got put together (“Love”), as well as Scenery and Flowers/Gardens (“the View”). Groups and Faces were two folders that I thought at first to keep separate, since they seemed big enough, but in my editing they got reduced so much that I decided to put them together. Which is why a lot of the “Faces” got switched to the Kids folder… which means when I thought I was done, I discovered 55 MORE for that “Cute” folder! See the fun I’m having? o-O

Now there’s just one big one left to do (Baaaabies!!) and another one of three smaller folders put together (“Living”). THEN maybe I can get caught up again on the current photos that I’ve been downloading from Crystal’s facebook, then look at the last batch of 1,083 scans that Dad gave me, then look at all the videos we scanned in, then maybe scan in my own albums…. (whew!) Oh, but before all that I want to fix the Party folder I made by moving some of them into Weddings, to balance it out a little better. Oh, and the Christmas, Fall and Winter folders… mostly smaller ones, anyway.

So I know you’re expecting a photo after all that… Let’s see what I can find!

me (3) and Alex (2) on swing

Alex and his great-aunt! :)


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