Turn from the beaten path

Found some more lines to do with not taking the beaten path…

“Morn is the time to act, noon to endure;
But, O! if thou wouldst keep thy spirit pure,
Turn from the beaten path by worldlings trod,
Go forth at eventide, in heart to walk with God.”


Does it mean: most people act in the morning, when everything is bright and cheery, but you should act/walk in the evening, when it may not be as cheerful? This is another one that talks about autumn, but includes summer.

from Autumn Evening

Go forth at eventide,
The eventide of summer, when the trees
Yield their frail honours to the passing breeze,
And woodland paths with autumn tints are dyed;
When the mild sun his paling lustre shrouds
In gorgeous draperies of golden clouds,
Then wander forth, mid beauty and decay,
To meditate alone–alone to watch and pray.
by Emma C Embury
(Hey, look at that–she must be Canadian! “honours” And it’s the book that didn’t put a period after the initial ‘C’.)

I love evening walks in the summer (fall is a bit cool in the evening, and dark). And I’ve just been reading about the importance of meditation–on God’s Word. So important!

Important, but very hard to get into that habit, for some. I remember those busy, busy days! But those Words are soooo good, my problem now is to resist doing nothing but the reading part. Equally important is the doing part. When you have so much time to read it, the worry is that you’re not doing it enough.

Best translation of the Bible: when you translate it into your life. (Rick Warren) He also says, “God gave us the Bible to transform us, not simply inform us. It should give us a bigger heart, not a bigger head… God wants our beliefs turned into behavior.” The Bible describes itself as a hammer, a sword, a scalpel, “designed to make radical changes.”

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