carrying on

Well, all those June things are lined up for next week!

  • visitor form Hearst during the week,
  • Small Group party on Friday,
  • Field Day (Ham radio) on Saturday-Sunday,
  • time to pack/plan for holidays starting the following weekend!

Meantime, excitement is “in the air” these days (besides for those things above). My sister & her husband have just realized a long-time dream of opening a Chip Wagon. Life changes! It seems like so many things are “maybe” about to happen (that we still have to have patience for)…

  • friends expecting a baby
  • possible Career Paths opening up
  • change of direction for our church
  • small group members moving on (boo hoo!)

Those members that are probably moving on (in the Fall)–I so love what he shared yesterday about our study in 1 & 2 Timothy: Paul is writing to Timothy about carrying on the work… and even though he’s been talking about the huge problems (false teachers, etc.), he is handing over the reigns to Timothy–“I’m done”–and he totally trusts Timothy to carry it on (or trusts God to do it through him). We sometimes have to come to that place where we “let go”, and trust others to be able to “carry on”.

head shot from Crystal's wedding

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