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Well, it’s nice to have internet again… otherwise it would take sooooo long to get caught up on everything! I’m refusing to look at my calendar though, for now.

We all really like it here, at a Canadian-contingent of our member-campgrounds (there are a couple of them in Canada.) Even though it’s not our Home Park (which is the one state-side of Niagara Falls), it’s still free/included in our membership. However, we can’t come here for long weekends, since it has to stay available for the members who DO have this one as their Home Park. But that’s OK, because we often are with family for long weekends anyway.

Where are we, you ask? Right beside Point Pelee National Park, where we hope to visit today. The other attractions here are:

  • fairly fast internet, which was never very good at our home park;
  • Perch fishing (not the fishing, the eating of it–for Sam), from Lake Erie–it’s in all the restaurants around here;
  • Lake Erie, almost as good as Lake Ontario! Looks like lots of beach, and walks thereby, etc., all right near us;
  • a Tomatoe Festival, in August… hmmmm…. I think we’ll be back!
  • lovely large campsites, grassy with gravel to park ON, and a large cement pad to park up TO;
  • an adults-only pool, including HOT TUB!! (We’re going to try that out later!)

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