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Well, the pool was very cold, but the hot tub wasn’t too bad. They have a unique way of heating up the pool: when you climb into the hot tub, the overflow goes into the pool!

We certainly were thankful yesterday for these cement pads in front of the trailer–see picture of flooding on facebook! The lakes have all disappeared today though, and it’s nice and hot. We did have to bug them about the pumping-out we’d ordered, but they didn’t give us any trouble about it–got it done this morning (it was supposed to be sometime yesterday).

The internet isn’t very stable after all (I’m using the cell tower right now), but supposedly the one you pay for would work better.

The restaurant right at the corner (“Freddy’s”) was a colossal hit with the guys–Rej already wants to go back for more liver, and Sam found the Perch excellent! I just enjoyed the outdoor patio, in spite of the dark clouds, it felt wonderful and summery. (My steak sandwich was OK.)

Obviously I’m just making notes again… my battery is getting low, all the threatening rain made me decide to leave the plug inside.

Almost finished making my notes on Perspectives… then I’ll have to pick out some things that especially apply to our church–great stuff!


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