Point Pelee

Forgot to say that we’ve been to the National Park here. Paid the $20 and took the shuttle to the “Tip of Canada”. Most of it was under water, still, it was interesting enough. There was a nice Marsh Boardwalk in the park, but the guys were too hot to make the stop, besides which, we wanted to make it back in time for something (I forget what!)

We went into the pool yesterday again, which wasn’t quite as cold as the day before. All that rain warmed it up. We have yet to try the “Poolside Cafe”. Oh, and I do want to try walking out to the beach across the road from the park. Today we can actually hear the waves!

I’m pretty sure there was something else I was going to say… oh well, next time maybe! I’ve been outvoted for going back to Freddy’s. But after all, we’ve really been better this holiday than others–other holidays when we used to have things like chips, chocolate bars and ice cream every day. We only had chips once, and I’ve had a bit of ice cream; we had fries a couple of times, and I guess Sam had lots of ice cream on the weekend–no wonder, with a flavour like “Butter Tart Ice Cream”!

Maybe when we get home I’ll find I’ve lost weight… HA!!

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