Wild Bill, true story

So we did get in that walk yesterday (Sam & I), and found it’s not far at all to the lakeside! I should have discovered that a long time ago, not that the weather has been good for it. Today we’re hoping to walk there again, and sit down on the picnic bench on the shore, and have an ice cream. (Never mind, at least we didn’t do that yesterday!)

I also just remembered that I usually spend some time on holidays, leaning back and watching the sky/the wind in the trees. That’s where audio books come in handy. But this holiday I’ve been so close to finishing work on my photos (one section that is). Today though, it’s going to get too hot to have my computer on my lap.

Yesterday I did at least get started on a print book that my mom gave me. I so seldom crack the cover of such things these days. But this one has nice short stories, true ones about horses. Most girls go through a “horse phase” when they’re quite young, it happened to me after I was married–after I read a certain horse novel. I remember wishing so bad that we could have a horse!

Did you know that Wild Bill Cody actually DID run a circus, in the late 1800’s? And he really did have characters like Sitting Bull (and I mean the real person, not someone playing the character)! Sitting Bull would ride in on a white horse; this horse was also trained to do a fancy prancing dance during a shoot-out show, with lots of blanks in the guns. When Sitting Bull left the circus after a few years, they gave him the white horse. Then Sitting Bull was in one more battle–a real one. When the guns started going off, the horse automatically started its dance, and danced like crazy, ending off with a bow towards its dead master!

viewer with chins

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