fix, fix, fix

You couldn’t make this stuff up. So many things have needed fixing, lately! In the space of 24 hours, we were looking up new vehicles, AND new fridges!

To start with, before we left on vacation, there was the “few” shingles on the roof that needed replacing, that ended up being half a roof. Then we found that our trailer, during that downpour of rain, had water seeping in at the floor (and no, the flood outside was not up to our trailer). The trailer toilet also seems to have a leak. Then when we got back, the freezer door wouldn’t open–we finally got it open only to discover, in the next few days, that it wasn’t working properly anymore.

  • roof
  • trailer
  • truck (valve noise)
  • icemaker/fridge

You could say that all of those are now “half-fixed”:

  • we ended up getting a whole half of the roof replaced;
  • Rej has done some caulking on the trailer (toilet to be looked at next week);
  • our favourite auto-guy suggested it COULD cost thousands, so we decided we could safely wait on that noise;
  • the freezer has been fixed (a reasonable repair-guy called in), but it could break again (don’t ever buy a fridge with an icemaker!)

If you wanted to count expensive things, you could add in my chair-recovering that we did at the beginning of the year. But at least we only got “taken” on a couple of things, haha! We are certainly thankful for a couple of very decent, honest Repair-Guys (for the truck, and the freezer); and for some things that you can do yourself (the trailer)!

Looking forward to a “relaxed agenda” with the kids today, I’m planning on reading them a story. That is something I love to do; I should start up a reading club, where kids come to be read to every week–we could read a whole novel that way!

Hopefully, I’ll get to listen to one of the many sermons I’ve missed, today.

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