What I Did on My Summer Vacation… partly

Finally the menu & grocery list is done, the laundry is almost done, the sermons and birthday cards are caught up (no relation)… and it’s time to do a first-post-after-holidays!

So, hmmm…. what do I want to look back on two years from now? OR, what would make my Dad happy? (My FAN BASE, lol!) Since he lost miserably at cards for the last couple of days we were there, it would probably make him happy to know how happy that made those who won–ME! (Do you follow? :D )

Was there anything memorable about this vacation? Well, sampling my sister & her husband’s brand-spanking new Chip Wagon, a visit to the pleasant little Bancroft hospital, being at my parents’ place for their birthday & anniversary (Christine often has a weekend party for them, but things do change!)…

Richard loves to cook, and Christine loves to meet new people. OMG–he sure makes some DELICIOUS foods!! And it was quite the experience to see how many phone calls Mom & Dad get: on the 1st for Mom’s birthday, then a mere 4 days later it all happened all over again, for their anniversary! It’s because they all forget to send cards…. that’s MY excuse, anyway, LOL!

OH, and one more thing that made the past two weeks memorable: Angele announced that she’s expecting her THIRD!

natalia kissing mommy 2013Another sweet one like this!! :) (This is Natalia, who will be two in September.) That’ll be Grandchild Number Nine for my sister!


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