“Welcome to Joy’s Kitchen!”

joy's kitchen, David, Joy, EmilySounds like a restaurant, doesn’t it? In fact, it “acted” kinda like a restaurant, with people coming and going at all times. Joy says she never knows when she’s going to turn around and find someone in her kitchen that she wasn’t expecting, just chillin’ and making themselves at home.

Part of the reason for that could be the lovely country-style decor, with REAL COUNTRY outside those beautiful windows! But the “food” has a lot more to do with it–meaning food of a spiritual kind. Although Joy & Richard are not the Pastor & Wife of their nearby church, they could be. Richard is an elder there, and Joy looks after the children’s program–a program that is just teeming with kids and babies. She sure makes me wish that I was one of her home-schooled children!

Indeed I did feel like I was “drinking up” some soul food. And all that after more of my sister’s hot tub and husband’s INDESCRIBABLY delicious “real-tummy” food (his name is Richard too). And that about sums up our last vacation!

Well, except for having to drive home in second gear, pulling a trailer. Broken transmission. Maybe taking so long to get home made if feel all the better to get here. :)

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