Don’t be deceived…

Boy, the summer has really been a time of getting caught up on sermon notes, etc. I even listened to a couple of sermons I had from 2006 and 2007!! And now there are a few recent ones to listen to, that I missed.

My process is to make notes while I’m listening, then go over the scribbles later and see what stands out for me. Sometimes the notes here can be extremely brief, and sometimes (especially when I’m behind like this) I don’t even feel the need to transfer them here.

This one from Labour Day weekend I need to make note of, because we were just talking about this recently with someone. But Brian so handily sums things up, with the notes that he hands out.

The title is “Recognizing Sources of Deception”. Jesus warned of deception, and it is a common, major theme in the New Testament. There are three primary sources of deception:

  1. Personal/self-deception: we often think of ourselves as pretty wise, though we shouldn’t be our own judge. We find it hard to believe we could be so bad… “I’m OK…” But, see 1 John 1:8.
  2. False teachers: who “masquerade as apostles of Christ”. [An “apostle” is one who actually lived with Christ, nothing else passes.] 2 Corinthians 11:13
  3. Satanic and demonic influence, which can be through false teachers, and can seem totally “benign”. Satan has many avenues–it can sometimes be a display of power that attracts people, but more often things like the deceitfulness of wealth, etc.

Of course, you protect yourself by being grounded in the Bible–the whole Bible, which you can learn to interpret correctly, and which you then put into practise/obey. You also need to learn to discern–to learn about the enemy strategies. Satan knows your weak points! Also important is connecting to a fellowship of believers for support. All of this with the help of the Holy Spirit–pray often!



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