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Be patient with me now, as I try to get caught up on some more notes. Here are two OLD sermons, that I had requested the speakers’ notes for. So I made notes from their notes, and now will make notes from those notes…. (I did say “patience”, haha!)

The first one is from August of 2006! It really doesn’t seem that long ago, as I remember it well, delivered by a guy who is now ordained with the Anglican (?) church. He spoke from the story of Hannah’s Samuel, where God called him during the night.

It’s very interesting that the priest Eli could not hear God, whereas Samuel was called before he even knew the Lord (1 Samuel 3:7). God had tried to get through to Eli previously, but he could not even discern that Hannah was praying, that he should have disciplined his profane sons, and it took God calling Samuel 3 times before Eli recognized it (see how persistent God was!) Eli’s eyesight was failing, and he was asleep before the lights had gone out in the temple–symbolic of his spiritual condition.

The second one is from October of 2007, delivered by <3 Rob, who was speaking on Ephesians 4:1-16. While diversity is a prerequisite for unity, uniformity is a denial of the Triune God, who made everyone different. But the gifts of “apostles, prophets, pastor-teachers” mentioned are all  speaking roles, and roles of authority. In fact, they themselves (all these teachers, pastors, etc.) are gifts to us! They prepare us for “works of ministry” (Eph. 4:12). Of course, every person is in a sense a gift.

Included here is the fact that truth and love cannot be separated: what we say (truth) is as important as how we say it (love).

OK, that’ll do for now. :)

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