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OK, one more ooooold sermon–can you believe it, from November 16, 2006!? It was Paul’s last sermon at our church.

He spoke on John 21:1-14, where the disciples go back to what they know (fishing) after the Resurrection, and Jesus is waiting for them on the shore. It was John, “the one who loved” Jesus, who recognized him first: the first thing for us is to get our love for God straight, so that we can recognize when he speaks to us. Love basically means relationship of course [and worship]. This is also where Jesus asked Peter “Do you love me?” Peter will be taken where he doesn’t want to go, but he obeys Jesus because of his love for him.

It happened a couple of times after the Resurrection, that Jesus had a meal with them, communion was restored, and they recognized him.

Paul also reminded us that a small church can be like a small boat in a sea… big churches are not necessarily the best churches.

Now to go from the oldest to the newest… yesterday I listened to Brian’s sermon from a few weeks ago, “A Christian Response to the LGBT Movement”. It’s mostly what I know already, but I want to say that it’s wonderful how Brian is so down-to-earth: he isn’t afraid to say what’s what, while all the time being gentle about it. In fact, when he & his wife were married (years ago), there was a Lesbian in the Bridal party, and a Gay person made the wedding dress!

The other really neat thing about that sermon, is that he said the exact same thing that I heard last Sunday in that little church in Quebec: in response to some people saying “sure the Bible says not to have sex with the same gender, but it also says things like not to eat pork, etc.” Both Brian and Laird explained that the Old Testament laws are divided into different types, i.e. dietary laws, health laws, civil laws, moral laws; and of course some of them are not meant for today.

In other news, we will be putting the trailer away today–yay, we get our driveway back!!

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