First things First

Last Sunday was the day at our church, for displaying the various ministries and inviting people to get involved–either by serving or by being served. As one of our Perspectives speakers said, you need to “Discover, Develop and Deploy your gift, so that you can be Fulfilled and Fruitful, and not Frustrated”!

It all starts with prayer & scripture of course. However, the Bible doesn’t lay out a map, but gives a compass (more Perspectives stuff), and God gives direction more than directions. Maps only take you where someone else has already been. ;)

On the other hand, there are some pretty good examples for us, from scripture. The same guy that was talking about deploying our gifts, told us that we should be:

  1. Abraham, an Intercessor;
  2. Barnabas, an encourager;
  3. Paul, a discipler (who is YOUR Timothy?);
  4. Andrew, leading people to Christ.

It’s not just a matter of attracting people to programs… ministry takes place in homes and in familiar settings.

But Brian did an excellent job on Sunday (as usual), of reminding us what is most important. Ministry grows out of seeking God FIRST. (Luke 10:41-42 and Matthew 6:33)

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