How do YOU know it’s Fall?

  • I’m wearing slippers most days, and usually a light long-sleeve,
  • we’re not sitting outside very often,
  • we’re barbecuing less often,
  • having soup for lunch/supper sometimes,
  • there are a few Fall decorations around (bright yellow “flowers”),
  • I’m now working on my Fall photo folder,
  • apple cider is now on the grocery list (though there is still a smidgen of lemonade left),
  • Sam & I have had one round/recipe of Peach Squares,
  • applesauce has been made, yesterday.

Now, about my Perspectives notes: up to now, I’ve been sharing all the things that I felt I just had to “tell the world”. Now we come to the category that is mostly just for “me”. These will be in point-form, and I’ll tag them “points”, as well as the Perspectives tag (so you could click and see ALL my Perspectives notes, if you were so inclined). So you’ll find it easy enough to “ignore” these notes that I’m making for me, if you wish!

But as for the other ones, I’m thinking of going back and sharing them again.


  • three main world views: secular/materialistic [atheistic], animistic [new age], theistic
  • Unreached/those who don’t know: We are judged according to the light we have (Luke 12:47-48), but God reveals more light when people respond positively to the light they have (Cornelius’ dream).
  • recognize both the possibility of change AND the power of habit
  • CULTURE: “the patterned way of doing things”, the superglue that binds
  • Worldview at the heart, “What is real?; Beliefs, “What is true?”; Values, “What is good or best?”; Behaviour, “What is done?” (culture)


  • Don’t use the excuse that you are “not called”, let GOD be the one to limit, to say “Stay”.
  • Holiness is wholeness. To be holy is to be wholly the Lord’s… God’s very own possession. (1 Peter 2:9)
  • If you are not willing to suffer/sacrifice for something, you are not passionate about it–suffering is necessary to complete the task (though suffering should not be the *goal*): toil, agonize in prayer, etc.
  • death of martyrs opens eyes, neutralizes Satan’s power, since his last instrument is rendered powerless.
  • Eph. 2:10 (Good works, prepared in advance…)
  • Don’t let your niche become a rut (it can CHANGE/is not always the same).
  • My overall job description will always be: 1) worship, 2) intercession and 3) service


my small pot of begonias

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