Act your way into a feeling!

How do you know it’s still Summer? :P

  • almost had to go sit outside to cool down, after my run this morning;
  • temps in the 20’s all next week!
  • air conditioner is still on–we tried turning it off but had to turn it back on (and it’s only going down to 14 C one night this week);
  • there are still some Fall activities that haven’t really got started yet (like new Small Groups, etc.)

Did I say that October was going to be a long month? But it’s not even October until Tuesday!!

It’s funny, but we were talking about that sort of thing at Small Group last night (among many other things): how it can be encouraging to look forward to an “end date” to something, but it can also make the last weeks/months seem excruciatingly long.

My favourite subject in my “points” notes this morning…


  • The rationale for missions is the colossal worthiness of God.
  • Worship is the FUEL and GOAL of missions (because God is ultimate, not man). If worship is weak, missions is weak; (worship also energizes acts of mercy).
  • We can’t feel deeply for the abstract, for people we don’t know, so we do it for God (his glory, his fame/his name).
  • “God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in him!” (Ps. 70:4, Ps. 37:4)
  • “Keep increasing in the truth of God’s WORD, and the facts of God’s WORLD”, keeping your passion alive.
  • We must FOCUS or we won’t OBEY; obedience gives power: the assurance that God is within and enabling. (1 John 3:22)
  • To stir up hearts for mission, first stir up their passion for Christ; God must be the source, but passion CAN be chosen and cultivated. Nurture the longing to see the earth bathed in his praise.

One more little nugget (that kinda fits): “It’s easier to act your way into a feeling than to feel your way into an action.” (Rick Warren)

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