“I must pursue joy in God if I am to glorify him as the surpassingly valuable Reality in the universe. Joy is not a mere option alongside worship. It is an essential component of worship.” (John Stott)


  • On my calendar for this week is a note to begin the Perspectives’ Next Steps: “Finding Your Niche” activity.
  • Coincidentally, at the same time I made those calendar notes, the Rick Warren devotionals were talking about SHAPE (discovering your gifts).
  • Coincidentally, Pastor Brian is now beginning a series on the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit”.
  • Coincidentally, this is a time in my life where I really need to examine my gifts, to make sure I’m not letting my “niche” become a “rut”!

Yeah, lot of “coincidences” eh? Well OK, I guess that last one kind of cheats, because it’s why I put it on my calendar.

Today’s “points”: (too bad I already did the “WORSHIP” subtitle, considering the quote at the top of this post… but OMyGosh, I just noticed how well this one fits with all those “coincidences” above!!!)

WHAT TO DO (intercession & service):

  • 4 things, should major in one & minor in the others: Go, Welcome, Send, Mobilize
  • better to know what you want to do, before somebody knows it for you
  • Discover, Develop, Deploy your gift
  • God gives *direction* more than *directions*, a *compass* vs a *map*
  • To know God’s will: WATCH what He is doing already, then join in (DO). (John 5:17, 19, Jesus’ example); respond to the light you have, in order for God to give more light; STUDY: Holy Spirit uses the Bible, and desires to open our understanding. (Rom. 12:2)–“Keep increasing in the truth of God’s WORD (“study”), and the facts of God’s WORLD” (“watch”)>>keeping your passion alive
  • The Whole Bible is about mission, it gives us: mandate, message (what), model (how), motivation (why).
  • TEACH/PREACH God’s Word: God can be loved only when he is known, so we need to “magnify” him, using the Bible>>which is far more about God than it is about people; God repeatedly & progressively leads: TRUST the Holy Spirit to lead/reveal truth to people (vs giving your own opinion)–they follow HIM not YOU; trust the Holy Spirit to open eyes vs automatically having to speak up (self restraint).
  • We are not fully equipped without the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8). We must confront Satan; we need to know our enemy and how to fight: he counterfeits truth, provides power… *power encounter must continue in day to day witness* (this is often lacking).


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