This is the Day

… that the Lord has made! Gorgeous red shooting through the sunrise clouds on my run this morning, and through the autumn leaves, and through the little bird (a young Mrs. Cardinal) that flew down to the fence beside me! (OH… just remembered there’s a red leaf in my pocket, that I couldn’t resist picking up!)

RUNNING NOTES: Next time I should combine these first few weeks of the training plan, ‘cos they’re too easy… (ain’t that a great thing! :D) Also, I shouldn’t be so lazy with the walk intervals, especially on the way out, so that after the run-walks back, there will be lots of cool-down time.

Lots of “points” notes this morning, s’cuse…


  • We are in a war, which means that what needs to be done, comes first (the most crucial)
  • God’s strategies always call for us to work in community with others, influencing others: “Be a Church Whisperer”–churches are incredibly varied; learn their particular gift and work with that; be patient


  •  DON’T: push, blast, plead (only works for short-term), shame, cookie-cutter
  •  DO: “drip” key scriptures (p. 22-“make known what he has done”), current breakthroughs (p. 24 includes resources), prayer requests, study group; use different terms (“Kingdom move of God”, “The global cause of Christ” vs “missions”; “World Christian Fellowship” vs “Missions committee”)
  • social action vs evangelism (which one comes first?): whatever the situation demands, can be either (re Jesus’ example)
  • Teach a FEW well, so that they can each share (the disciples, Jesus’ example) (who’s your “Timothy”); Bhojpuri: “pass on everything you learn to someone, as soon as possible”.
  • Two errors: plunging in when they are not ready, and never actually leading them on to the fulness of the Gospel
  • Need to consider THREE audiences together (because of globalization): the unreached we’re seeking, the onlooking secular world, and the church (institution)
  • We can’t impose Christian standards on secular society, but we can commend them, by both argument and example (though it is a groundless fantasy that society is going to evolve into perfection)


  • Jesus’ example: the woman at the well & the discussion about worshiping God “in spirit and in truth”–she did NOT have to become Jewish; FORM was not the issue, which is why she ran back overjoyed, saying “He really is the Saviour of the world!
  • not a matter of attracting people to *programs*, ministry happens in homes, in *familiar settings*
  • Different terms needed: Christ-follower, etc.; e.g. “Muslim” means “submitter to God”
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