This is the Day… another one!

Of course EVERY day is the day the Lord has made, and I suppose you could find something special about each day if you really thought about it.

Most people in my brother’s circle of family & friends has no trouble knowing what’s special about today–the day he’s joining 23 people in a 100 K run for kids’ cancer. They raised over $100,000 together!

Another thing I like about today, is the devotional I read this morning reminding me that when the world is changing around you, he remains the same. “My God is changeless in his love for me” (Psalm 59:10 MSG… actually it’s LB, but if I put The Message, we may be able to hover the mouse and get a different version :) ).

Almost done with my “points” notes for myself, from the Perspectives course. We’ve had SITUATION, “CALLING”, WORSHIP, WHAT TO DO, and STRATEGY, and now we come to the MESSAGE; after that will be some notes about PRAYER and I’ll be done!


  • core reality: Christ being loved, followed, obeyed
  • fundamental meaning of conversion is a change of allegiance
  • a ministry of *reconciliation*
  • similarities between Christianity & other religions is in the peripherals, not in the essentials of the faith; not WHAT to believe, but WHOM to follow/trust (Incarnation).
  • most unique thing: Jesus’ death and resurrection for the salvation of the whole world.
  • difference from other attempts to improve the human condition: loving GOD comes first, loving others IS important, but still comes second
  • the real good news is not what WE do for others, but what GOD has done for ALL of us (a beggar telling another where to find bread)
  • Satan’s last instrument is rendered powerless by Jesus’ death & resurrection, freeing us from the fear of death.
  • detailed doctrine and heavier theology can come later; allow to become an active disciple vs passive learner (need to be *challenged*; get them “involved”)

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