NOT all doom and gloom!

I feel like highlighting almost every one of these particular “points”, but then of course, nothing would be highlighted, haha!


  • Intercession is more than prayer, it is living out the mediating, reconciling life of Christ.
  • Prayer is not magic, and should not be used as a substitute for action; rather, a response to what God is already doing within us and the world.
  • The spread of the Gospel is SOLELY the work of the Holy Spirit; prayer is needed that is united, informed, and persistent.
  • Nothing destroys petitionary prayer as quickly as resignation, accepting the way things are–the loss of righteous anger. “At all times,” Jesus declared, we should “pray and not lose heart”. (Luke 18:1)
  • Even though the Last Days are “doom & gloom”, God does promise to pour out his Spirit in these last days, so we can expect to see victories revealing God’s Kingdom. Both evil and good are headed for a climax–this is the most exciting time possible to be a Christian. God is in control, there is no basis in the past or present to assume otherwise.
  • We must be *aggressive* in prayer, *rebelling* against the status quo; expelling evil spirits in an act of spiritual violence. (Eph. 6:12); we need to “agonize” in prayer. (James 5:16) EXAMPLE: the Bhojpuri praying for 3 hours a day in personal prayer, then 3 hours together; also fasting & praying both weekly and one weekend per month!!
  • “Prayer is not a preparation for the battle; it IS the battle!” (Leonard Ravenhill)
  • Prayer for unreached peoples is totally unselfish and is therefore divinely powerful.
  • TWO things needed: prayer friends, and prayer fuel.
  •  Use shut-ins (print out prayer requests);, “Lighthouse” section, random web searches re church, politics, etc., world news (see list bottom of p. 126 “Next Steps”)

Meanwhile: today, I’m pretty sure, is my last time to be on Kids’ for Sunday. More about that soon.

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