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Not too busy today, but then it’ll be time to get ready for Thanksgiving weekend–Yay!!

LASTLY, for the Perspectives “points”… I wasn’t going to share the list of specific things to pray about, but they’re actually not TOO specific, and someone else may wish to have some guidelines when they’re praying for “God’s global purpose”… ;)

This is just a bit long, but good stuff.


  • Pray for wisdom/guidance in praying.
  • God’s purpose summarized: 1) against Satan, 2) for people, 3) toward God
  • Pray for the glory of God’s name, for his Kingdom to come
  • for workers for the harvest (to Go, Welcome, Send, Mobilize); willing, realizing suffering is necessary to complete the task; pray against distractions of the home church needs/demands (though legitimate)
  • Pray for churches, and for World Christians as they seek to be “church whisperers” (converting Christians to missions)
  • Take responsibility where confession is needed corporately (like Nehemiah)… [10 times more $ spent on cosmetics in churches!!]
  • “enter suffering by prayer”
  • Pray for Christians, for obedience to Christ, for the “continual experience of the presence of God” (Holy Spirit)
  • “regular” mission also important (among already reached people groups), though unreached (“frontier” mission) has strategic priority
  • the world is roughly: 1/3 Christian, 1/3 non-Christian among reached, 1/3 non-Christian among unreached
  • Pray for the leaders of a country; pray against opposition
  • Pray for a cultural bridge (contact), and for a breakthrough, so that evangelism & church planting can begin
  • The miracle of church planting movements are vulnerable to human tampering…


  • against Satan’s counterfeits, whereby people are satisfied not to seek God
  • against walls of prejudice, which is harder to overcome than cultural distance
  • CITIES: the “new frontier of Christian missions”–battlefields: two cities in each city, Satan vs God
  • countries containing the most unreached peoples: Pakistan, India, China, Nepal and Bangladesh
  • main unreached cultural blocs: Hindu (30%), Muslim (41%)
  • for Muslims: much of Islam is built on Christian substratum (like Christianity on Jewish substratum); the Koran reads almost as a collection of Christian traditions, and can be shown to confirm Christ’s crucifixion & resurrection, though Muslims don’t believe in it.

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