Just do the *next* thing well.

An excellent article I read recently, talks about young people in the west being raised with a sense of entitlement. Our interim pastor would love this sentence: “When reality exceeds our expectations, we’re happy. But when reality falls short, we’re unhappy, even depressed.” (See the link to his blog at the right, “What do you Expect?”) The article suggests that “reality just can’t match” what these yuppies have learned to expect.

The Church of course, needs to learn this lesson as well. It’s only in the West that we have the luxury of dwelling on the question, “What has God made me to be and what is my calling?”

The Protestant Reformers understood calling to be not primarily about passion, but as a commitment to glorify God in whatever station we find ourselves. It may be your calling right now to be a student, or a mom or a dad, or a minimum wage employee simply just having to make a living. Whether directly connected with our passions or not, God calls us first and foremost to do the next thing well, to His glory, with all of our might.

So instead of asking “What does God want me to do one day?” we should be asking “What does God want me to do next?”

(emphasis mine)

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