handed over my keys yesterday, among other things…

I woke up early this morning and started thinking about the good-byes coming up this Sunday, our very last of 32 years of Sundays. But, we will avoid saying good-bye as much as possible.

Then in my New Testament reading this morning, was the story in Acts 20 about Paul’s tearful good-bye with the Ephesians. There are always good-byes. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

The Old Testament reading included Numbers 14, where the 12 spies came back and only two of them believed that God would help them “conquer the giants”. God’s judgment was to keep them wandering in the desert for 40 years, until the next generation was ready. When they heard that, they changed their minds and got up their muster to go to battle–but it was too late. I believe (of course I could be wrong) that’s what has happened at our church. If only they’d acted then, it wouldn’t be too late now.

Back when the Transformation Action Team presented their proposal (this is not being posted to facebook, btw), it was full of hope for a future, maybe WITH the partner Chinese church sharing the building–but they had to “transfer use and, ultimately, ownership” of the building to them. (And the Team made it clear that they had leaned on God for guidance before making this proposal.) The elders balked, and then even though they eventually went into talks with the Chinese church leaders, it seems that people have just not been able to make a decision. And if you want my thoughts on that, read my previous posts!

Another mistake (in my opinion), is that “people” have wanted to have such a fancy pastor (“dynamic”), when MAYBE they could have had someone not-so-outgoing, but God’s perfect choice for us, with a much better outcome than we’ve had (yes, I’m thinking of someone in particular, who would have been good).

My other Old Testament reading was in Isaiah 66, where Israel is rebuked for selfish worship…. like maybe, wanting to keep a fancy sanctuary? As you can tell, I’ve been reading over that proposal one more time this morning as well, which has so many excellent things in it. Like, “…self-preservation is not compatible with faithful ministry and ultimately leads to apostasy.”

OK, enough! (At least, I hope!) We’ve been trying to leave without judging… (oops!) After all, one could say that if all this is true, why hasn’t God revealed it to the right people? Isn’t he able to do that? :S

Speaking of changes, and things that stay the same–2 years ago today I was thinking of washing my windows (that day), and my hopeful-plans today include that very same thing! (No, no, it didn’t take me 2 years to do it, haha!)


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