Why take a chance?

This is not necessarily the last sermon notes from Brian. There are some that I’m waiting to be uploaded, that I missed (because of teaching or camping)–at least one that attracts me to be sure and listen to: “How to Discover Your Spiritual Gift”. Because there are differing views out there… I’ve heard a few that seem to mix spiritual gifts with talents, which I’m pretty sure are different.

And having gotten to know Pastor Brian a little, I trust his insight! I love how he does not hold back from saying plainly, things that others might prefer to hint at. In an earlier sermon he did say that everyone is given a spiritual gift, and in answer to “I’m not spiritual”, he said that “you’re not spiritual because you’re not using your gift”! Also, we’re all spiritual beings–it’s just part of our makeup.

This past Sunday he preached a valuable sermon on the Resurrection, which was “next up” in the series on 1 Corinthians. Most of it I’ve read in The Case for Christ (see my tag), but for those who want a sermon-length apologetic–if you wonder about the reality of the Resurrection or have friends who do–ask me for the link to listen to this one (which I will have eventually… or at least I’ll have something).

So now for my brief, “picking out” of points.

For those who say “I’ll take my chances”, instead of investigating the truth of this: that’s a pretty big chance you’re taking! Much better to examine all the evidence and see what you can find out. Do we know the TRUE God, or just one of our own making? So many like to just pick out the things that they like, and believe things that make them comfortable. But what is your belief based on? (John 11:25) I think it comes down to whether or not you believe in the Bible–and the evidence for that is also covered in The Case for Christ (Lee Strobel).

Remember, if there IS a God who created the universe, doesn’t it stand to reason that the natural laws would be subject to him?

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