What if it happened today?

It’s not really “actors” I’m looking for, since actors play characters other than themselves. What’s actually going through my mind as we do this exercise, is “who would The Christmas Story happen to, if it happened today?”

Again, my choice is perfect, for my particular circle. Yesterday I focused on Mary, what about Joseph? Joseph was an upright man… and Sam is sometimes more “upright” than his parents! In fact, he is actually very upright, by today’s standards… we’ve had instances among relatives, where people were a little “shocked” that he & Sweet Girl were actually sleeping in separate beds. These days, it’s just assumed that if you’re going steady with someone (old term, I know!) you sleep with them.

Joseph was so upright, that he didn’t know what to do when he found out his fiance was with child. Yet, he was also gentle, and didn’t want harm to come to her.

But never mind that. I wonder how we would feel, if we found out that… ahem… that a baby was on the way?

Dustie in santa hat

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